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Financial Assistance Available to Participate in Accessible Exercise at Community Fitness and Wellness Gym

Community Fitness & Wellness Gym

UofL Health–Frazier Rehab Institute’s Community Fitness and Wellness gym, at 250 E. Liberty St in Louisville, Ky, is a totally accessible gym specifically for people with disabilities, such as paralysis. It has a wide array of wheelchair accessible cardiovascular and strength training equipment, functional electrical stim (FES) cycling, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, and specially trained staff.

Who is Eligible for Financial Assistance (“Scholarships”)

Map and directions to CFW

Charitable donations support the Scholarship program, which helps people with disabilities who live on low incomes to pay the CFW membership and activity fees. Funding is limited.

  • Assistance can be used for a gym membership and one activity a week (e.g., guided exercise, FES, NMES) for three months.
  • Assistance will be available on a sliding scale based on need. Need is determined by household size and income, and assistance will range from 100% to 25% of fees.
  • Veterans with disabilities may apply regardless of household income and are eligible for 100% FREE gym membership and one intervention a week.

People with the greatest need, who have never received assistance in the past, will receive the highest priority.

The Community Fitness & Wellness Gym is located at 250 E. Liberty (top right of map, as seen to the left) – about 2 blocks away from Frazier Rehab Institute. Click map image for larger version.

Participant working out at the CFWHow to Apply

A complete CFW Membership Application, including the doctor’s medical release, must be submitted in order to receive a scholarship.

Contact CFW to get the applications, or for questions:
Call: 502-587-4512 or,

View/Download the Information Flyer about the program.
Apply using the CFW Membership Application.
Visit the Community Fitness & Wellness Gym Website.

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