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Basic Gym

Specialized Adaptive EquipmentSpecialized Adaptive Equipment







Basic membership allows members full access to the specialized adaptive equipment at Community Fitness & Wellness during business hours.

May Include:

SCI-Fit; Concept II Ergometer; Versatrainer; Monark Rehab Trainer; Nu- Step; Total Body Gym; Ski Ergometer; Upright Cycle; and Power Plate Pro6.

HUR equipment; Dual Cable Cross; Mutifunctional Trainer; Multi – channel cable cross; Weight Bench and Free Weights; Rickshaw; Therabands; Stability/therapy Balls; BOSU Ball; Wedges; and Medicine Balls.

Hi-Lo Mats; Tilt Table; and Parallel Bars.

Positively Fit After Paralysis Seated Rock-Outs. Free online classes every Tuesday8-weeks of classes developed to work your upper body adaptive cardio, strength training, and stretching. They are accessible for wheelchair users and people living with paralysis and other disabilities that affect mobility. REGISTER NOWand Join >

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