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Bladder Bowel Sexual Function: Studies



Functional mapping with lumbosacral epidural stimulation for restoration of bladder function after spinal cord injury

The Goal of the preliminary data from this study was to determine if an effective electrode configuration and stimulation parameter(s) could be achieved with spinal cord epidural stimulation to promote more efficient emptying of the urinary bladder in persons having a motor complete spinal cord injury. Mapping for bladder function with different electrode configurations during repeated filling of the bladder revealed increases in the efficiency of the reflexive void with values within recommended clinical guidelines. The same epidural electrode combination was then tested in four more individuals with spinal cord injury and all showed improvements in bladder emptying as well. Going forward this study will test specific epidural stimulation configurations and then train the participant while using those configurations in a laboratory setting.

Funding: SPARC

ENROLLMENT STATUS: Currently Recruiting and Enrolling

Effects of Activity Dependent Plasticity on Recovery of Bladder and Sexual Function After Spinal Cord Injury

The major goal of this research is to promote the recovery of urogenital function through the use of effective rehabilitative strategies alone as well as in combination with epidural stimulation. This work will help increase our understanding of how the lumbosacral spinal networks responsible for walking and standing also interact with the circuitry controlling bladder and sexual function after injury. The importance and ultimate impact of this research is to improve treatment options and enhance quality of life, as bladder and sexual dysfunction consistently rank as top disorders affecting health and well-being after SCI.

Funding: National Institute of Health

ENROLLMENT STATUS: Currently Recruiting and Enrolling


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