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Pediatric NeuroRecovery Program Receives $300K Funding

Science = Hope

The Pediatric NeuroRecovery Program supports the University of Louisville and its upward trajectory as a premier, nationally recognized metropolitan research university. As a part of that strength the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center has been leading the way in providing stellar research and activity-based therapies to the pediatric community dealing with spinal cord injury. They have been supported through the achievements of receiving extramural funding for their research and scholarly activity.

Dr. Andrea Behrman, Director of the Pediatric NeuroRecovery Program, along with the work of team members Dr. Yury Gerasimenko, Dr. Goutam Singh, and Dr. Beatrice Ugiliweneza, procured funding of $300,000 for their continued work with Neuromodulation of Spinal Locomotor Circuity to Elicit Stepping After Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury. The sponsor, Kentucky Spinal Cord & Head Injury Research Board, provided the funding allowing the program to continue the vision of providing care and rehabilitation based on the latest evidence-based science that creates opportunities to achieve recovery in those injured at a very young age, to recover from paralysis – an overall goal of improved health and quality of life for children with SCI.

Learn more about the Pediatric NeuroRecovery Program and their with with children living with spinal cord injury.

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