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Partnership Between NeuroHope and
Conquer Paralysis Now

NeuroHope and Conquer Paralysis Now

Sam Schmidt and Chris LeeuwOn behalf of our entire team and Board of Directors, we are thrilled to formally announce a major partnership between NeuroHope and fellow non-profit Conquer Paralysis Now, that will expand our services, relocate our clinic, and re-shape the entire rehabilitative landscape in our community!

Conquer Paralysis Now is a global project of the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation, which former IndyCar driver and team owner Sam Schmidt established in 2000 after a paralyzing crash on the race track. Conquer Paralysis Now has been a leader in spinal cord injury research funding for more than a decade.  In recent years the foundation shifted its primary focus to rehabilitative care by opening the adaptive fitness center “DRIVEN” in Las Vegas in 2018.

NeuroHope and Conquer Paralysis Now / DRIVEN have followed each other’s work for years. Our missions are aligned in a purpose to change the model of healthcare access for people living with neurologic conditions. Now, we are taking our programs to the next level through Conquer Paralysis Now’s purchase of the former “Five Seasons” Health Club on the Northside of Indianapolis.

NeuroHope Team

Renovation of the 108,000 square foot building will begin this fall, with plans to transform the campus into a state-of-the-art Neurorecovery and adaptive fitness center unlike any in the midwest. Our goal is to expand our robotics program, introduce aquatic therapy, and create a campus for adaptive sports, recreation, and wellness for the entire paralysis community.

We live in an exciting time when breakthroughs in research, technology, and innovation in Neurorehabilitation happen every year, yet insurance-based access continues to diminish. Since 2015, NeuroHope has worked to create a model that makes continued care a reality.

Our success has been possible through support from organizations like the University of Indianapolis, the Indiana Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Fund, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, the OrthoIndy Foundation, and many more.

We are proud to have a new partner and an exciting path to expand and serve more people recovering from paralysis: the sole purpose of our existence.

Chris Leeuw makes the partnership announcement:

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