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Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium

Neuromodulation of Spinal Cord Injury: Translational Opportunities

Mark Your Calendars!

The University of Minnesota and the Annual Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium are excited to announce:

Neuromodulation for Spinal Cord Injury: Translational Opportunities Symposium

  • April 10th-12th, 2024
  • At the Graduate Hotel Minneapolis and University of Minnesota Campus, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This year, the Neuromodulation Symposium will be joining forces with the 2nd AnnualĀ Neuromodulation for Spinal Cord Injury Conference. The event will feature a one-day workshop and a comprehensive two-day symposium with a special emphasis on developing translational pathways for spinal cord injury therapies. Thursday and Friday will be inclusive days with talks and sessions of broad interest to the neuromodulation community. Stay tuned for more information and save these dates.

Conference Topics:

  • Translating Neuromodulation therapy for treatment of spinal cord injury to the clinic
  • Historical perspectives on translating neuromodulation therapies
  • Mechanisms and modeling neuromodulation therapy
  • Neuromodulation with rehabilitation
  • Combinational and emerging research for neuromodulation therapies
  • Quantifying functional restoration with neuromodulation
  • Lived experience perspectives on neuromodulation for spinal cord injury
  • Workshops on spinal cord injury neuromodulation
  • Industry panel
  • Funding opportunities
  • Poster session
  • Social events

Key Dates:

  • January 8th, 2024: Early Registration and Travel Award Submission Opens
  • January 15th, 2024: Poster Submission Opens
  • February 23rd, 2024: Travel Award Submission Closes
  • March 8th, 2024: Poster Submission Closes
  • March 15th, 2024: Poster Acceptance Notifications
  • April 1st, 2024: Early and Online Registration Closing

Organizing Committee:

  • Leslie Morse
    UMN, Conference Co-Chair
  • David Darrow
    UMN, Conference Co-Chair
  • Tay Netoff
    UMN & Co-Director of the Center for Neuroengineering, Conference Director
  • Robert Wudlick
    UMN, GUSU to Cure Paralysis, Conference Director
  • Dwight Nelson
    UMN, Sponsorship Director
  • Karrie Molitor
    Event Manager
  • Andrew Monk
    Event Coordinator
  • Taylor Lopez-Angel
    Event Coordinator

More information coming in the weeks ahead!


Symposium Website:
Neuromodulation for Spinal Cord Injury: Translational Opportunities Symposium



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