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Individuals with chronic spinal cord injuries voluntarily take steps

This Paralyzed Man Can Walk Again Thanks to an Incredible Device

The accident happened in 2011. Jeff Marquis was mountain biking in Montana when he sped off a jump without fully committing. His body flew over the handlebars, and he landed on his head. “The first thing I noticed is [that] I was having a lot of trouble breathing,” Marquis tells

Walking after paralysis

Kelli Thomas was paralyzed in a truck accident in 2014. She underwent an experimental surgical procedure involving epidural stimulation, where an implant allows the brain and the spinal cord to “talk” to each other to recover motor functions. That co

‘Amazing’ treatment helps paralyzed people walk again

Kelly Thomas is paralyzed from the chest down and can consciously control her ability to walk, researchers say, thanks to a stimulation device in her lower back. Two studies released Monday show three paralyzed patients can walk again.

Technology, along with therapy, helps individuals with chronic spinal cord injuries voluntarily take steps

New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine documents the effectiveness of epidural stimulation with locomotor training following chronic, complete spinal cord injury in restoring brain-to-spine connectivity, long thought to be impossible. To read the article by UofL click here!






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