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Frazier Rehab Relocates Fully Wheelchair-Accessible Gym in Louisville

As posted on  WDRB Louisville

UofL Health relocated its rehabilitation gym to make it more accessible to those living with physical impairments. The Frazier Rehab Institute’s Community Fitness and Wellness gym is now on the ground floor Medical Plaza 11 on Liberty Street instead of the ninth floor. Inside the fully wheelchair-accessible gym, patients will see typical gym equipment like dumbbells, but there are also arm machines that someone can roll up to in a wheelchair.

“This is a great place,” said Beth Griffith, who uses the gym. “I can drive my car up and walk through the front door. Before, my husband had to bring me. But I get to drive myself now.” Elizabeth Fust, who suffered a spinal cord stroke that left her paralyzed, said the gym is the only place in Louisville that has wheelchair-accessible equipment. “The Community Fitness and Wellness gym is unique in our area because it is totally accessible and meets that need and defeats that barrier that we otherwise face,” she said. Officials said the rehabilitation gym will give those with a disabilities a way to better their health without the barriers of a normal gym. The gym also aims to break the barriers by staffing the facility with trained professionals to help those with disabilities properly use the equipment.

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