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Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is Accessible with the GRIT Freedom Chair

Wildlife Corridor towards Cedar Grove

Bernheim Connects People with Nature

People using the GRIT.
Bernheim forest trailWhether you come to Bernheim for a relaxing getaway or to get active and spend time with family & friends, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Visitors of all ages and abilities are encouraged to reserve the GRIT Freedom Chair (GRIT) and use it during their next trip to Bernheim to see the natural landscapes, art and attractions, trails, and wildlife Bernheim has to offer.

With over 40 miles of trails available, Bernheim offers diverse hiking and biking opportunities for the casual as well as the more serious athlete. Enjoy the scenery as you loop through knobs and valleys and along ridges and hollows.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is available for your next visit to Bernheim. A manual, all-terrain wheelchair powered by levers, the GRIT is more similar to a mountain bike than a typical manual wheelchair. The GRIT is perfect for venturing out on your own or able to be pushed by someone else with the trail handles. GRIT at Bernheim is equipped with standard parts but includes additional accessories for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The GRIT is able to be taken on a variety of terrains, hills, and obstacles throughout Bernheim.

Map of GRIT access

Read where you and the GRIT can go
throughout the Arboretum and
Research Forest.






Learn about the GRIT Freedom Chair and to Reserve your GRIT at Bernheim

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