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Testimonial Kyle

Kyle StandingKyle and his family are true pioneers as he was one of the initial children to receive locomotor training (Behrman et al. 2008). We have literally seen Kyle grow up from year to year and continue to recover and improve. Following Kyle on an annual basis has been critical to assess his progress and monitor change based on musculoskeletal growth. We have been able to provide Kyle and his family on-going consultation and input. For instance, one year after Kyle took his first steps post-injury, he was riding an adaptive tricycle complete with adapted backrest, seatbelts, and more (Behrman et al. 2010).

At age 12, he transitioned to using a typical adult trike (no back) and added a small basket to carry a cooler of drinks. Jamie reported that he rode his new bike with a friend 13 miles on a day adventure. Just this summer at age 14, Kyle not only participated in booster sessions of locomotor training in conjunction with our clinical program at Frazier Rehab, but also enrolled in a new activity-based therapy program using neuromuscular electrical stimulation to promote recovery of hand function.

Kyle is aiming to play the ukulele as his finger skills advance. We will continue to follow Kyle annually until he is 21 years of age through the University of Louisville Kosair for Kids Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery.

Andrea Behrman, PhD, PT
Director, Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery