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Translational Research




Epidural Stimulation in Adults

Epidural stimulation is used experimentally by surgically implanting an electrode array over the lower spinal cord to activate the neural circuits to better understand how the human spinal cord executes movement, standing and walking.


Pediatric Neurorecovery

The Kosair for Kids Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery will be a regional, national and international hub providing renowned expertise, distinctive resources and a strong focus on recovery.



Adult Neurorecovery

Translational research applies discoveries generated in the laboratory to studies in humans (bench to bedside), and speeds the adoption of best practices into clinical and community settings.



Susan Harkema, PhD








Claudia Angeli, PhD







Andrea Behrman, PhD









Enrico Rejc, PhD



Maxwell Boakye, MD








Alex Ovechkin, MD, PhD








Dena Howland, PhD







Mary Ellen Buning, PhD








Darryl Kaelin, MD








Daniela Terson De Paleville, PhD








Teresa Pitts, PhD







Charles H. Hubscher, PhD








April Herrity, DC, PhD