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Adult Neuroplasticity

Ongoing Studies

Mechanisms of Plasticity and Repair After SCI
This grant will support our Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Core Facilities and extend their availability to other members of the University of Louisville neuroscience community.

FundingNational Institutes of Health (NCRR)

Neurophysiological Assessment of Residual Supraspinal Input After SCI
The major goal of this project is to develop quantitative, sensitive tools to measure neuroplasticity in the human after injury to detect change preceding functional changes.

Funding: KSCHIRT

Effects of Activity Recovery of Bladder and Sexual Function After Spinal Cord Injury
The major goal is to determine whether spinal cord circuits responsible for walking are also important for bladder and sexual functions and reorganize in response to Locomotor Training and/or epidural stimulation after SCI to improve these functions and alter important chemicals in the body.

FundingNational Institute of Health

Spinal Epidural Array to Facilitate Standing and Stepping After SCI
The major goal of this research is to investigate the combined effects of stand and step (locomotor) training with electrical stimulation of the spinal cord in individuals who have had a complete SCI.

FundingNational Institute of Health

Primary Researchers

Susan Harkema, Ph.D.

Susan Harkema, Ph.D.

Andrea Behrman, Ph.D., PT, FAPTA

Adult NeuroRecovery Program

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