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Kessler Foundation Research Recruitment

Others who have benefited from the work done at the Kessler Foundation.As an ongoing effort to expand opportunities available to those with spinal cord injury, researchers from the Kessler Foundation, whose mission is to drive positive change for people with disabilities, would like to utilize our recruitment database. They want to expand their research capabilities by accessing our database list, seeking to recruit possible research volunteers.

The Tim and Caroline Reynolds Center for Spinal Stimulation at the Kessler Foundation would like to use our recruitment database to identify research volunteers with spinal cord injuries. If you are already registered for our database, you can now expand the research opportunities available to you by simply logging into your account and choosing which facilities you would like to be able to see your information.

If you are not yet registered for our database, click on Participate in Research to learn more.

Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center
in a joint collaboration with

Kessler Foundation Research Center