Testosterone Study: Daily

Daily Time Commitment

To following time spans are provided to understand the amount of time each day we would need you to commit to:

  • Assessments before and after the intervention
    • 2-8 hours each day.
    • If you are available for 6-8 hours daily, the overall time to complete the assessment period could be shorter (about 2 weeks versus 1 month or more if daily availability is limited.)
  • Intervention Period
    • 2 hours per day for the Training Intervention.
    • Monday through Friday, preferred 5 days per week, no less than 4 per week. The study drug is applied around the same time every morning (7 days per week) during the intervention period. Participants are instructed how to do this by their assigned nurse.
    • Assessments to check for safety are done at 2 weeks, 1 month, and Midpoint.
    • Assessments to check muscle strength and training parameters are done every 20 sessions.
    • Some assessments are done at Midpoint (10 weeks) as well.

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