Testosterone Study: Groups

Study Groups

* = Testosterone Replacement Therapy   * * = Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Study Drug Placebo Gel Placebo Gel TRT* Gel TRT* Gel
Training Intervention Stand Training Stand Training and NMES* * Stand Training Stand Training and NMES* *
  • Research Participants are randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to a Study Group.
  • You will not know if you are receiving the Testosterone Replacement Therapy gel or a placebo gel (which contains no testosterone.) Even the Study Team will not know until the very end of the study when all data has been collected and analyzed.

Something to Consider

  • If you were assigned to any of the four groups, would you still want to participate in the study?
    The study team and research participants have no control over the group assignment.
    The randomization takes place after the baseline assessment period (about 14 to 30 days into the study.)

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